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This site.....


This site charts the existence of one, notably myself. My aim in producing this site is in reflecting my journey through life, be it through the care system, the education system and/or work. I have also included areas that reflect my interests, some bizarre and others fairly conventional. As my life progresses so too, hopefully, will this site.

My main aim is of course in allowing my children to learn a little more about me (should I reach a premature end) or for me to learn about me should I be struck down by dementia later in life.....

 The journey so far....

The Care System: An account of my experiences, thoughts and views whilst growing up under the care of the local authority....(1980s)

Family Values: A frank, yet sometimes disturbing look at my biological family,and the question as to whether they are a truly representative, cross section of a nuclear family......(1970s....present day)

Education, Training & Employment: This section charts my experiences through school, the training I undertook and the employment I sustained up until, and including my work with the Probation Service.....(1990s....present day)

Academia: Free access to essays/work completed through college and university years. The primary subects are currently Psychology, Sociology, Georgraphy and Criminology. I have also added my school reports!!(1990s....2000s)

The Probation Service: Work completed within the two years of training, largely through NVQ and BA Hons in Community Justice. Further works reflect periods of a newly Qualified and Fully Qualified Officer, and the specific areas of work undertaken by this Service. This will also reflect the changes within the Service. (2003.....present day)

Horror section: A reflection simply of a long term interest of mine. It offers a comprehensive review of a variety of horror films from the 1970s - 2012....

My existenz: My attempt to explore the fundamental questions of human existence and look beyond the earth , whilst at the same time examining at some of the theories of other notable experts....

Old Time Radio : An old, yet personal interest of mine which incorporates 1940s/50s/60s sci-fi, horror and crime shows......

Raison d'etre : A profile of some of the works conducted by individuals who have influenced my thoughts, attitudes and opinions.

Action Films : A nostalgic look back at the films I grew up with - namely those starring Schwartzenegger, Stallone and Van Damme - real classics!!

Sci-Fi: A subsection which looks at Sci-Fi classics - both film and radio. Of specific note are the Star Wars and Star Trek movies, which are timeless classics.

Cult Classics section: An area that reviews some of the best cult movies of my era, as well as providing scripts, quotes and trailers....

The War Zone: A section devoted to an overview of war films, incorporating WW1, WW2 and Vietnam.....

Paleontology: This section encompasses my interest in dinosaurs as a youngster....

X: This area of the site is devoted primarily to the X-Files - an over view of the nine series and two feature films. I also endeavour to explore and investigate the myths and legends that exist around the world.....

Miscellaneous: Childhood nostalgia, free animated GIFS and anything else that doesn't fall into the other categories.

Memento Mori: Remembering of course that whilst we may all be mortal, we are also part of the wonderful human race - take a look at what we have achieved....








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