"Oh no tears please....its a waste of good suffering."


The film starts out with a puzzle box, at first glance a harmless ornament...but its reminiscent of a rubiks cube in that it can be solved. However should it be solved then it opens up a world where the experiences of pleasure and pain are 'indivisible,' and of those that have searched for the box one such man is Frank Cotton (Sean Chapman). From what we see of this guy he seems to think that he'd already been to the limits of human pleasure...yet his solving of the box opens the doorway to new levels of pleasure and pain...and introduces us to the cenobites. He ultimately dies...painfully...on the third floor of his mothers old house....leaving his unsuspecting brother Larry (Andrew Robinson), his wife Julia (Claire Higgins) and daughter Kirsty (Ashley Laurence). to move in.

After cutting himself moving a mattress, some of Larry's blood falls onto the floor of 'that' upstairs room, and regenerates Franks body...which is buried under the floorboards. He uses Julia, with whom he had previously enjoyed a sexual relationship, to bring him more victims so that he can fully regenerate. The last victim is his own brother (he needs skin you know), yet perhaps more frightening is the fact that Frank has escaped from hell, and the cenobites, led by pinhead, will not be happy!! Frank is all to aware that he has escaped the cenobites, and has every intention of getting as far away as possible.

Of course Kirsty eventually figures out what's happening, and uses the box to open the gates once more, informing the cenobites that she knows someone who has escaped them. Will they listen to her, and what lies in store for them all?? All I can say is there is a great stand off between the cenobites, Frank and Kirsty....












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Directed by Clive Barker
Produced by Christopher Figg
Written by Clive Barker
Starring Andrew Robinson
Clare Higgins
Ashley Laurence
Distributed by New World Pictures
Release date(s) September 11, 1987
Running time 94 min
Language English
Budget $1,000,000 (estimated