Hellraiser II



     "Trick us again child...and your suffering will be legendary.....even in hell...."


This film begins almost immediately after the end of the first....Larry, Frank and Julia are all dead...and Kirsty is a patient at the Channard Institute of mental health. She tells both Channard and an assistant (Kyle) of the torment she experienced, of the dead returning to life, the cenobites and the opening of a gateway to hell via a box. She also tells them that the bloodstained mattress, which is still at the house, needs to be destroyed. However our Dr Channard seems a little too interested in her story, and no sooner has he heard the tale than the mattress is taken to his house and one of his more 'hopeless' mental cases is encouraged to slash his wrists whilst sat on the mattress. The result is the regeneration of Julia (as with Frank in the first film).

As the film unfolds the viewer discovers that Channard has undertaken a vast amount or research into the box, that is the lament configuration, and that furthermore he has been 'grooming' another one of his mental patients to help solve the puzzle. This individual, Tina, has an uncanny ability to solve all puzzles laid out in front of her B and no sooner are we introduced to her than she has solved the configuration and opened the gateway to hell. However unlike the first film we go into hell, with Channard wanting to explore and Tiffany/Kirsty to stop them and close the gate. Whilst in hell Kirsty once again meets up with Frank, who is in his own personal hell, and she once again confronts Julia. However the danger seems to come from Channard, who becomes a cenobite himself. We also get to see Leviathan (Lord of the labrynth), who needs pinhead and his cenobites to recruit more souls!!!

This film also unlocks the door to some of the histories surrounding the cenobites, the fact that they were once human. We even see pinhead as a soldier who once also attempted, and succeeded, to solve the configuration.  It is up to Kirsty to help them to remember, to defeat the Doctor (who wants to defeat the cenobites and take over the whole operation) and to close the portal to hell once and for all.









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Directed by Tony Randel
Produced by Christopher Figg
Written by Clive Barker (story)
Peter Atkins (screenplay)
Starring Clare Higgins
Ashley Laurence
Music by Christopher Young
Distributed by New World Pictures
Release date(s) December 23, 1988
Running time 97 min
Language English