Hellraiser IV - Bloodline



                    "Pain has a face....allow me to show it to you......"


At the beginning of this film we find ourselves in space, aboard a ship that looks remarkably like the lament configuration. There seems to be no one aboard other than Dr Merchant and an android, who attempts, and succeeds, to solve the puzzle box. Merchant has placed this android in a protective enclosure and he utters the words 'its time for revenge,' however unbeknown to him the ship is then stormed by some elite style troops and he is relieved of duty. We then learn that Merchant hijacked the very ship he designed, and in the teams assessment he was a man 'immersed in ancient history letting the place go to shit.' He is subsequently interrogated and we learn more about the box and what he is up to....

He explains that he has set a trap up to catch some demons...and that his ancestor Phillip, who built the box, didn't know the power it contained. We learn that he was commissioned to produce the box for a Monsieur De Lillie, who through some bizarre ritual summons a demon (Angelique) to do his bidding. Of course it isn't long before De Lillie's assistant controls the demon, yet we then jump 200 years into the future with another Merchant (John) having strange dreams about the box and the demon. Angelique too feels his presence, and heads to New York to see Merchant at an architectural award ceremony, of which the building he designed bears a striking similarity to the lament. At this point Angelique discovers the box in the foundations, and Pinhead enters the equation.

It would seem that Merchant is the key to designing a gateway on a much bigger scale to the box, and through the use of temptation or pain the creatures from hell are determined to get what they want. Of course what we also know is that there is a design to destroy what the box creates...and John's aim is to use such plans result in victory.

We then jump back to their present B to Dr Merchant and the SWAT team within the ship. He explains that the boy, John Merchant's son, lived, and so the bloodline survived. It is him who summoned the demons aboard the ship so he could right the wrongs of his ancestors, and close the gateway to hell forever. However the SWAT team know best, and accidentally unleash Pinhead and his fellow cenobites. A battle ensues.....but you shall have to watch to see who emerges the victor???









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Directed by Kevin Yagher Alan Smithee
Produced by  
Written by Peter Atkins
Starring Bruce Ramsey Valentina Vargas    Doug Bradley Charlotte Chatton    Adam Scott
Distributed by  
Release date(s) 1996
Running time 86 Minutes
Language English
Budget Not known