Hellraiser V - Inferno



                   "What I am...who I am...is no concern of yours."


The viewer is introduced to a cop who seems to have a gift for solving puzzles, one who is a little bit shady and whose morals are virtually none existent. He attends a house which seems to have witnessed a bloody killing, and finds the lament configuration lying around. We then see him take the box, and a local prostitute to a hotel room, and after a session with the former he begins to play with the latter. After experiencing some frightening visions he returns to the present, yet back at work he receives a call from the prostitute screaming for help, and upon returning to the room he discovers that she is dead.

A print taken from the box leads the detective to a piercing shop, where a man states that Chou (who had died at the beginning of the film) could not afford the box and so stole it from him. However he maintains that he was only a middle man, and that someone called 'The Engineer' was the owner of the box. Whilst the detective searches for the engineer, troubled by visions and surrounded by people dying, there is an added question as to why a child's fingers seem to appear next to the dead bodies. Pretty soon our hero (or is that anti hero) is the main suspect, as he desperately tries to make sense of what is going on. This is made yet more complicated by the role of a sinister police counseller, who assists the detective on the path to his destiny.

The counseller sheds light on the lament configuration, stating that it is a gateway to hell which brings forth cenobites and demons. As his friends and family continue to drop like flies it seems that he is the link to all of the deaths, yet he is advised by his counseller to 'go home, to the home you grew up in' to find the answers to all of his questions. I would assume that those who read this review will be asking questions, but to continue would be to spoil the ending, and whilst I found the flow of the story to be difficult to keep up with, and the lack of Pinhead's presence disturbing, it is worth watching simply as part of the Hellraiser collection. Furthermore the ending has a few twists and is cleverly worked.











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Directed by Scott Derickson
Produced by  
Written by Clive Barker Paul Harris Boardman
Starring Doug Bradley Craig Sheffer Nicholas Turturro Nicholas Sadler James Remar
Distributed by  
Release date(s) 2000
Running time 99 minutes
Language English
Budget Not known