Hellraiser VI - Hellseeker



                "Lust, greed, deception...fertile ground but rather mundane"


This film catches up with the life of Kirsty (yes remember her) who we see kissing her partner, which causes them to crash and the car to lurch into a nearby river. Whilst her partner, Trevor, escapes, Kirsty cannot escape from the car. We next see Trevor in hospital, where the police are extremely interested in the whereabouts of his wife, who is still missing. He later learns that her body was not found..and that maybe she may still be alive. He watches an old video which shows him giving Kirsty a present on their anniversary, a box which he had bought, but whilst it looked beautifully crafted, Kirsty did not seem pleased to see it..afterall it was the Lament Configuration.

Trevor seems to be subjected to ongoing visions and strange images, including an early visit from Pinhead. In between these visions his normal life doesn't seem to be improving, becoming the number one suspect for his wife's disappearance following the news that Kirsty was set to inherit a fortune. Another appearance by Pinhead sums up my thoughts at this point when he asks Trevor 'Still in the dark...soon you will know everything.' You then begin to work out why strange deaths have been occurring and why people have been behaving oddly towards him...and before long the police pull Trevor in on suspicion of murdering more than just his wife!!

It is at this point that all of the sub plots come together to make sense of the whole story. Trevor is locked up by the two police who have been trailing him since the start, and experiences another vision that they are actually joined together. He heads to the morgue and sees a body laid out on a slab, where Pinhead tells him that he has reached the end of his journey. It would seem that Pinhead had used Trevor as bait to collect more souls, that is those around him who mysteriously perished, and that he had struck a deal with someone to spare their life in return for Trevor's soul and the others he would lead to Pinhead whilst on his journey. This is a film that has many twists and turns, and may be hard to follow at times, but I didn't expect the ending I witnessed!!!












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Directed by Rick Bota
Produced by  
Written by Carl V. Dupre Clive Barker
Starring Doug Bradley Dean Winters Ashley Laurence Rachel Haywerd Jody Thompson
Distributed by  
Release date(s) 2002
Running time 89 minutes
Language English
Budget Not known